First look at official ball: World Cup 2010

By: Staff | December 1, 2009 | | No Comments (Dec. 01, 2009) — Manufacturers Adidas have claimed the ball that will be used at World Cup 2010 in South Africa will be the “roundest” yet.

wordcop2010The authorized inauguration of the ball will happen on Friday, during the draw for the World Cup, with live video streaming on

The ball, which features a South African design, is called Jabulani – translated it means ‘to celebrate’ in isuZulu – and the name itself pays mark of respect to the merriment of football the World Cup should offer next summer

The design of the ball should make sure that both strikers and goalkeepers are on a smooth footing. In earlier tournaments, keepers have complained that forwards have had an inequitable benefit because the balls deviated so much in flight.

However, Adidas declare that a newly-developed “grip ‘n’ groove” profile will offer “a remarkably steady flight and just right grip under all circumstances”. England will make available a grave examination for any nation at World Cup 2010 after powering their approach through prerequisite under Coach Fabio Capello.

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