Lady Gaga Does What She Does Best; Sends Fans into a Trance (Video)

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Aditya Divakaran

When it’s Lady Gaga you need to expect something weird. The latest about her isn’t different either. You think I’m too dramatic? Watch the latest promo clip for MTV VMAs and you will agree with what I just said. This time too, she appeared on stage with much in store for fans and detractors alike. The singer teased her X-factor in MTV VMA promo clips released just a while ago with a bra strip. She was singing to the tunes of her latest hit ‘You and I’ in a riveting jazz background, and took off her bra much to the excitement of fans.

You can hate her, you can love her… But you definitely can’t ignore her. That is the beauty of Lady Gaga a.k.a Mother Monster as called by her little monsters (her fans!). Lady Gaga is a show stealer in any event she attends. She always has some thing unique (or weird) every time.

Lady Gaga wearing normal casual dress is news, after all.
We think Gaga wanted to do something spontaneous at the promo event, and when she couldn’t get some thing like raw meat, clumsy big eggs, and plastic tights, she went ahead and did the best she could.

We hate watching Gaga being normal; we know she can’t just be normal! Would you want to listen to those ‘normal boring critics’, who always go ‘Ga Ga’ against the Lady Gaga!!

I just love Lady Gaga for her unique sense of fashion and manners. Not to avoid mentioning her aggressive nature and mind boggling album visuals. But ironically, that is the main reason for a bunch to hate her as well! But what no one has two opinions is her amazing talent in singing and song writing.

Coming back to the latest show down by ‘Born this way’ singer, in the promo she was meticulously performing on a piano in a black-and-white shorts (so normal huh??) and suddenly she started pulling out her black bra, thanks to the cameraman for a close range shot visualizing her contours hided by long white wig. The members of the jazz band were in a trance of surprise and embarrassment till she covered her frontal rawness with a sheet of music.

I just cant but agree when she croons, “Sometimes I’m really happy when I write music; sometimes I’m really angry, sometimes I’m really drunk, or sometimes I’m super-sober. You never really know why, if or how you write music.”
This year VMA is dominated by Katy Perry sweeping 9 nominations while Gaga claims four nominations for ‘Best Female Video’ for ‘Born This Way’, ‘Best Art Direction’ and ‘Best Choreography’ for ‘Judas’,’ Best Video with a Message’

There is also unconfirmed news that Gaga will also feature in a stage tribute to Britney Spears along with Madonna, Bruno Mars, Adele Lil Wayne and Chris Brown at the VMAs.

The MTV Video Music Awards goes live on Sunday, August 28, from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at 9pm ET/PT and will be telecast the following day in the UK.

Here’s the promo so that you can see the singer in action.

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